Psychodynamic Therapy

Inner recognition is about valuing the person as he or she is, including what is felt in his or her inner core… it is not about outer achievements or praise. – Anne-Lise Loevlie Schibbye

In psychodynamic therapy the quality of early caregiving relationships and their effect on adult life is examined in a supportive, encouraging and secure atmosphere. This includes the effect on relationships and interactions as an adult and your relationship to your own needs and emotions. If you have not been contained, mirrored, seen or heard as you truly were whilst growing up, it can for example be difficult to handle your need for closeness, or to send clear signals about setting healthy boundaries. Emotions can be experienced as overwhelming, or foreign, and thoughts can be self-destructive or unrealistic.

Anxiety, depression and low self-worth often come from early needs for care and development not being met. This means that you develop defense mechanisms to avoid being in contact with other people or your inner self. The space provided by therapy is a place where you can heal and develop. Therapy is a place to grow, and the goal is to come home to yourself once more, which results in a better quality of life. The therapy will be balanced in accord with your readiness and needs; small steps as you integrate your development over time.