Existential Therapy

Existential Therapy is based on basic life conditions for humans: that we will all die, we are alone, searching for meaning and have the freedom to choose our own life. In life, we often face crucial choices – for example in connection with education, work, marriage, children and partnership choice – which are confusing and which can be illuminated by looking at your situation from different angles.

These basic life circumstances can be overwhelming in connection with life crises, changes and life transitions, and at these times there is a need for a sparring partner, who can help with integrating the thoughts and feelings that arise.

These circumstances will often contain new possibilities which can over time be integrated at a tempo in accordance with your needs, to enable reorientation to a changed life. The result can be a new interaction with life itself and new possibilities to realize your potential or to have a more genuine and authentic relationship to other people, free from anxiety.