Experiential Client-Centered Therapy

True empathy is always free of any evaluative or diagnostic quality. This comes across to the recipient with some surprise. “If I am not being judged, perhaps I am not so evil or abnormal as I have thought. – Carl R. Rogers

Experiential and client-centered therapy is about returning to yourself and to what you really feel, without having to play a particular role to fit in or live up to the expectations of others. Perhaps as a child, teenage or grown-up you have experienced expressing feelings, opinions or acting in a way, which was not in accordance with your true nature, and that the price has been losing your authenticity or not knowing who you really are.

Through experiential and client-centered therapy you go through a supportive and accepting process of rediscovering yourself, which leads to you being more true to yourself and others. Other people around you will notice an improvement in contact because you are yourself and not working overtime trying to maintain the status quo. Over time this can mean that anxiety is reduced because you are in contact with the real you, and you find the courage to actualize what you are burning for in your life.