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Charlotte Bertelsen is a psychologist on Bornholm. She specializes in helping people find their individual and unique resources

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Psychologist Bornholm

Individual Therapy

When you have therapy with me, what is central is that you feel seen and listened to, and that you experience our contact as pleasant and secure. This is how we begin, and we will look at your situation together and at what has brought you to therapy. I am specialized in using your resources as the axis around which your therapy revolves. View Details

NARM therapy

When you decide to come for therapy together in your relationship, my first step is to recreate good contact between you, to re-establsh communication based on understanding each other. In this way we create space to see and hear each other’s needs in a respectful way.

Groups Therapy

I put together groups centered on various themes, which I have experience and knowledge of, whenever there is a group that wishes to get together on a specific theme which they can mirror themselves in. View Details

Why choose therapy?

There can be many reasons for choosing therapy. Perhaps you having issues with self-worth, a sense of things being wrong somewhere, or an inner anxiety. Life hurts sometimes, and whatever reason you have for wanting therapy, I offer warm, supportive and respectful support to help you regain a strong sense of self and manage all the challenges that come your way. My starting point is to ensure you have access to your unique resources and power, so that you have a solid foundation to work from.

Initially, when you come for therapy with me, I emphasize good contact, so you feel understood, seen, and listened to for who you are, so there is a secure and trusting atmosphere. A course of therapy is in many ways a journey back to your authentic self, and I use what works for you, your needs, your background and your readiness. As a psychologist and psychotherapist, I offer experience and can help with many different types of problems:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Low self-worth, feeling out of place
  • Challenges and conflicts in relationships
  • Working life / Stress
  • Loss and sorrow, life crises
  • Partnership
  • Trauma in relationships
  • Social isolation / Loneliness
  • Reactions from too much pressure
  • Eating disorders
  • Inner balance / resources / Adapting
  • Family relationships / Parenthood
  • Highly sensitive

You are welcome to contact me for a session. Everything we talk about is of course confidential.

I am member of the Danish Psychology Association and adhere to  its ethical rules.

I receive supervision with psychologist Lone-Birgitte Ladekarl


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Charlotte Bertelsen - Psychologist