Somatic Experience Therapy

In 2017 I am commencing a 3-year S.E. training, which is a specialized education for dealing with traumas, developed by Peter A. Levine. S.E. therapy is a gentle body approach to trauma therapy, which works on describing and building sensory awareness of pleasant body states through dialogue. The goal of the therapy is to build up resources around pleasurable states, which can regulate some of the unpleasant and frightening feelings connected with traumatic experiences. S.E. therapy has been developed specifically for enhancing the life force to contact innate healing forces, because, according to Levine, people have the in-build ability to calm themselves by increasing awareness of inner body feelings.

The most recent brain and trauma research, which both Bessel van der Kolk and Bruce D. Perry have described, suggests that the lower areas of the brain and the autonomous nerve system can best be regulated in a somatic-sensory way through body awareness, or through body movement, which thereby reduces anxiety, prevents depression or dissolves dissociative states caused by trauma.

At the end of the S.E. education in 2020, it will be possible to have S.E. therapy with me.